Dedicated content and multimedia management system for radio station website.

Software ready to be deployed at your radio station

Radio CMS features

Multiple radio channels support

CMS allows you to manage the internet content of several radio channels at once. In one panel you can administer multiple websites - each at different internet address and with separate layout.

Advanced content editor

Each news on the website can include many elements in a various order: formatted text (standard WYSIWYG), graphics, audio and video. Moreover, it can be extended with more advanced components, ie. opinion polls, surveys or sports scoreboards.

Automatic audio/video conversion

Uploaded contents are automatically scaled and converted to various formats supported by modern desktop and mobile web browsers.

Advanced access control

You can define user rights for each CMS modules in each radio channel plugged into the system. Permissions are granted by allocating users to the appropriate groups.

Single password in whole company

Sign in to CMS as the domain user (LDAP). Blocking the user in domain takes away access to the admin panel.

On Air Schedule

Scheduler allows you to arrange plans for each calendar day, even a few months ahead. Plans for the day can be divided into clocks corresponding to broadcasts. Repetitive tasks are simple thanks to copying of entire days or weeks. Ready plans can be printed and exported to file.

Radio broadcasts

Radio programme has editable by the authors description. Each single edition of the programme may have a different title and description, so audience always know what was and what will be in their favorite broadcast. Release can be combined with other website content. For each issue, you can add the tracklist and sounds.

Radio broadcast blogs

The programs may have a blog as a place for the written word, images, sounds or videos created by broadcast hosts. Entries can be combined with specific broadcast releases.

Music charts

In the admin panel, you can create a list of songs, for which can vote listeners. For each song, you can add a photo, a link to the video on Youtube and short audio preview.

Receiving email/SMS/MMS

CMS allows receiving email, SMS, and MMS (including attachments) and automatic or manual publishing it on the radio website.

Access to d'accord broadcasting solutions system resources

Content produced in the broadcasting system (text, sound, and text with audio) can be viewed from the CMS. With just one click you can create new information for the website.

Integration with d'accord broadcasting solutions system publisher

Information about current song can be shown on the website or transmitted in an appropriate form to the internet audio streaming server or RDS coder.

Integration with RDS/RDBS (EU/USA) and Program Associated Data (PAD)

Broadcast host can modify by CMS informations displayed on the radio receivers - ex. current track and artist and/or show name. With a special tool in admin panel, you can preview the content in form, which will be shown on radio display.


The system allows visitors to post comments. Comments can be native (website + CMS) or integrated with Facebook comments.

Search Engine Optimization

Website is optimized for search engines robots. CMS allows precise defining of title and description for each article.

Social Media

Each entry published by the CMS can be shared in social networks. Links to articles are presented in social media (ie. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter) in an attractive way that increasing conversion and audience.

Currencies and weather

Automatically get exchange rates and weather forecasts for almost any location. It is also possible to manually enter this data.

Responsive CMS layout in english and polish language

The application for managing radio websites is available for English and Polish speakers. CMS for Radio running on popular web browsers installed on your computer or tablet.

Note! The above-mentioned features represent only a portion of the capabilities of our software for radio broadcasters.


Fanatical Code - Kamil Skrzypiński

Warsaw, Poland
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